High value-added partner

Specializing in design and manufacture of dies for sheet metal: manual dies, progressive dies and transfer dies for sheet metal cutting and deep drawing

We have the necessary skills and technologies to carry out the most diverse processes, both on large and small quantities

We take care of the customer from the design to the finished product

Thanks to our qualified in-house tool shop with CNC machinery and our design office with CAD/CAM technology, we are able to follow our customers from design to finished product, also dealing with manufacture of dies and equipment, needed for the production of the required parts. We specialize in manual dies, progressive dies, transfer dies for sheet metal cutting and deep drawing and we take care of their in-house design, manufacture and control.

This allows us to create dies with the utmost precision and efficiency, which are essential to obtain high quality finished products. Our in-house tool shop also makes it possible to cope with those maintenance emergencies that may occur during production, with more immediate response time and with assured advantages for customers.